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Bags,Jawaza,Brown Shoulder Bag

Brown Shoulder Bag

Hand-crafted by a community of leather workers in a small village in Rajasthan, this bag blends simplicity with elegance. Crafted with 'ahimsa leather'; hide from fallen animals, this shoulder bag is an assimilation of functionality and good looks.
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Journals,Macaw,Gem Dust Painting Notebook

Gem Dust Painting Notebook

Keep your thoughts organized and ready in this elegant journal. Handy, useful and eye-catching, it will inspire you to write; be it new ideas, a daily journal or just pretty doodles.
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Jewelry Boxes,Amar Art,Trinket Box with Gemstone Painting

Trinket Box with Gemstone Painting

Embellished with gemstone dust, this trinket box is crafted in wood. The lid is adorned in the miniature style painting depcting a beautiful woman, standing beneath the trees. The clever and masterful use of gemstone dust instead of paint lends it a sense of richness and grandeur.
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Wooden Wonders,Amar Art,Enamel Tortoise

Enamel Tortoise

This metallic tortoise is embellished with the famed enameling technique. Lustrous hues in jewel tones impart a beautiful aura to the artifact. Enhance the appeal of your home with one today!
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Marble,CB Marble,Soapstone Coasters

Soapstone Coasters

Soapstone lends itself beautifully to the carving, engraving and other embellishments like painting. This set of soapstone coasters have been been painted with tradditonal Indian motifs and are set in a beautifully carved holder depicting elephant heads.
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Wooden Wonders,Amar Art,Painted Elephant

Painted Elephant

This gorgeous home décor piece is carved in wood and painted in the 'miniature art' tradition of Rajasthan. The golden hue and fine brush work imparts an elegant grace to the carved elephant.
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Tea,Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates (P) Ltd,Organic Green Herbal Infusion

Organic Green Herbal Infusion

Infusions are the best way to derive and savour the essense of herbs, leaves and flowers and enjoy their therapeutic benefits. The Organic Green Herbal Infusion Tea brings to you the benefits of nature in the pure, unadultrated form of choicest herbs.
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Dupatta,Rakesh Kohli,Chanderi Silk Dupatta

Chanderi Silk Dupatta

Chander is a small town in Madhya Pradesh famous for producing sarees and dupattas which are deliciously light and are perfect for Indian summers. The dupattas are often embellished with interwoven motifs inspired by Chanderi forts and temples.
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Candle, Fragrance & Incense,Marble Candle,Sandal Incense Cones

Sandal Incense Cones

The fragrance from incense cones enhance the sense of calm and well-being. Incense is known to purify, decontaminate and enliven the surroundings. Uplifting or calming, each fragrance has a different effect on the frame of mind. Sandalwood
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Accessories,Vishal Industry,Antique T-Light

Antique T-Light

Illuminate your environs with this beautifully crafted t-light. This embellished metallic t-light holder is perfect for indoors as well as outdoors. Place on flat surface or hang from foliage for that magical effect.
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Saffron,National Masala Mills,Saffron Mongra Kashmiri

Saffron Mongra Kashmiri

Endowed with numerous health benefits and great for overall well-being, Saffron is the ‘golden spice’ that adds aroma and a rich, golden orange hue to the preparations, instantly turning any dish into an exotic one. Hand-picked and dried, it takes 225,000 to make a pound of saffron, making it the most prized and expensive spice in the world.
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Masala,A V Spices,Shahi Paneer Masala

Shahi Paneer Masala

The taste and aroma of the quintessential cottage cheese preparation is enhanced multifold with the addition of this spice mix. Add richness to the gravy with this special blend of spices.
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Brass,Digamber,Contemplative Buddha

Contemplative Buddha

Buddha, a spiritual teacher from ancient India founded Buddhism, a religion followed by people all over the world. Serene visage, enigmatic smile, benevolent eyes and a tranquil aura describe his countenance. This brass statue is embellished with exquisite mosaic work.
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Tribal Creations,Dokhra,Dhokra Elephant Hook

Dhokra Elephant Hook

Bringing together beauty and utility, this intricate Elephant Box is handcrafted with great attention to detail by the tribal artisans of Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh. These tribes are famous for their craft of creating the most fascinating metal figurines known as Dhokra using the lost wax technique. A separate mould is used for every piece therefore no two pieces are alike.
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Khurja Pottery,Khurja Pottery,Large Serving Bowl With Lid

Large Serving Bowl With Lid

Khurja, a small bustling town in Uttar Pradesh is known as the largest center of ceramic pottery in India. A combination of beauty and utility, the Khurja pots can be used to store and serve food and beverages. Add a dash of ethnic charm and colour to your table with this large serving bowl with lid. Perfect for serving dishes, this pot is microwave safe too!
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Saree,Rakesh Kohli,Chanderi Saree

Chanderi Saree

Chander is a small town in Madhya Pradesh famous for producing sarees and dupattas which are deliciously light and are perfect for Indian summers. The sarees are often embellished with interwoven motifs inspired by Chanderi forts and temples. This saree is embellished with small floral motifs called 'booti'.
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Earrings,Mannmohan,Kundan Earrings

Kundan Earrings

Originated in Rajasthan and nurtured by the royals, the art of Kundan is unique and magnificent. Pure gold wire is used in a raised inlay-like manner, often studded with semi-precious stones to embellish jewelry and artifacts.This pair of earrings celebrates the unique craftsmanship and beauty of the Kundan tradition.
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